Straight Ace Sports Management understands that many of our client’s main focus will be their career and as a result of this sometimes they will not have the time to deal with the everyday stresses of life. We have a dedicated team who will arrange anything our clients may require, whether it be a last minute table at that 5 Star restaurant or help with relocating our client and their family. Our team are on call to attend to our clients every need. The only limit to this service is our client’s imagination and we will honour every request providing it is within the letters of the law!

As part of our Service we offer the following:

Insurance Assistance – We have unrivalled close working relationships with a number of reputable insurance firms to ensure that we can offer our clients the very best available deals available ranging from their career to their life to their car insurance. Whatever insurance our clients may need we can arrange.

Relocation Assistance– Here at Straight Ace Sports Management we understand that it may not always be possible for our clients to live in their hometown and relocating home is often a very stressful process. We take that stress away from our clients by working with them to assess their needs and subsequently using all of our resources and contacts in the UK and abroad to make the relocation process as smooth as possible.

Car Purchasing – We have excellent contacts with a number or high end car dealerships and car Formatted: Underline leasing companies. If there’s a car our client requires, we can arrange this for them. We can also advise our clients on the best vehicle to suit their needs and arrange for them to acquire it at the best possible price.

Travel Assistance– We work closely with a leading travel specialist in order to arrange any travel requirements our clients may need.

Social Reservations – We have good contacts with restaurants around the UK and abroad and we are able to book tables for our clients and we can also arrange theatre, nightclub or concert tickets when required.

Education – When relocating with a family we understand that our clients will want the best education for their children. We research extensively into the best schools in the area & advise our clients accordingly. For our younger players we ensure that they still receive the education needed to further their key skills and for our adult players wanting to further their education we can research the courses and advise accordingly.

We also offer the following services:

Tax Planning & Compliance Assistance – Straight Ace Sports Management have an excellent reputation with one of the best accountancy firms in the UK and we can therefore guarantee that all your tax affairs will be taken care of.

Assistance with Property Investment UK & Overseas – Using dedicated property investment specialists we are able to provide advice on the best property investments & assistance with purchasing investment properties in the UK and overseas.

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